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When to give Benadryl to your ESA dog? - 2022 Guide

Benadryl is an antihistamine for humans, which most of us use to treat allergies and itchiness. But it is used most commonly for dogs to treat allergies. Some vets also recommend Benadryl for dogs as a relief for anxiety in dogs. In this post, you will find some guidelines that are recommended by vets, if you want to give Benadryl to your dog. Since dogs provide some people with much-needed emotional support, they deserve some care also. But you cannot keep an emotional support animal without an ESA letter that allows one to carry his or her dog to some public places that are otherwise prohibited for animals.

Before you give your dog a medication that is not specifically prescribed by any vet, you need to make sure that you know what you are planning to do. The same is the case with the use of Benadryl for dogs. If you are planning to give Benadryl to your dog, you should consider these vet guidelines first.

These were some guidelines as recommended by the veterinarians if you plan to use Benadryl for your dog. Be it your esa letter for housing or not, you should consider these guidelines while administering Benadryl for your dog.

  • Administer the correct usage for your dog. Normally, 1 mg per pound can be given to a dog every eight hours or so. You should know what is the exact weight of your dog and you can calculate the amount of Benadryl to be given to him. It should not be a random exercise for you, since giving him less dosage would not work for the dog effectively. And giving him more than the amount required would lead to overdose and can cause some serious problems.

  • If possible, give it with food. Though it can be given without food, giving it with food will decrease the chances of vomiting and drooling. E.g. wrapping it in a piece of bread or something and placing it before the dog. The best choice, in this case, would be the homemade dog treats in which you can wrap a dose of Benadryl and give it to your dog. As dogs love these homemade treats, it will make it easy for your dog to take a dosage of Benadryl. It is stressed that the best thing you can do is to consult your vet before administering any medicine.

  • So, if you are planning to give Benadryl to your dog, this post will help you a lot in that regard. You should consider the above-mentioned guidelines that are normally recommended by veterinarians. For more information, do visit visit

  • Apply it over the skin. If it is difficult for your dog to gulp down a dose of Benadryl, you can apply it to the skin of your dog. You may use a stick, spray, or cream. Don't apply it more than twice a day, and don't use it with oral Benadryl, which may cause an overdose. Although it is less effective than oral medication, it can help sometimes.

  • Watch out for any reaction. Although it is safe for dogs, a medication may lead to a reaction if the dog is allergic to it. You should make sure that your dog doesn't have any stomach issues like vomiting or diarrhea. Fast-beating heart or agitation may also be a problem. Therefore, keeping a close and active eye on the dog for sometime after giving it a dose of Benadryl is necessary. Contact your vet if any issue arises.

It is because people with mental problems need special care and support. And if that source of support is an animal, such individuals should be allowed to carry the emotional support animal letter with them.

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