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Jersey City July 4th VENDOR LIST

Updated: Jun 28, 2021


-Food VendorS-

Tented Vendors

  1. Eemas Cuisine- Filippino BBQ Skewers, Halo-Halo, Shave Ice

  2. The Law of Doughnut Engineering- Gourmet Donuts & Drinks

  3. Lady G Empanadas- Fried Seafood & Soulfood Empanada Flavors

  4. Memphis Seoul- Korean inspired Southern Cuisine, Bao Buns

  5. Sam's Fried Ice Cream- Fried Ice Cream, varying flavors

  6. Spoonable Spirits- Boozy Pudding Shots

  7. Oh K-Dog- Korean Corn Dogs, Fried Mozzarella on a stick

  8. Miss Holly's Smokehouse- Barbecue!

  9. Tradewinds- Guyanese Food, Pressed Sugarcane drinks, Watercoconuts

  10. Newark's Blackstone- Wings, Soulfood

  11. Empanada Papa- Empanadas, Fried Yuca

  12. Tojo Kitchen- Karaage, Taiyaki, Glowing Drinks

  13. Waffle Totz- Tater Tot Waffles

  14. Dilenna's Dolcini- Glowing Cotton Candy, Cannolis, Glowing Drinks

  15. Twisted Potato- Seasoned Fried Potatoes on a Stick

  16. Mezcal Kitchen- Ceviche, Elotes, Guac & Chips

  17. Mozzarepas- Mozzarella Arepas

  18. Milk and Cream- Cereal Milk Ice Cream (pictured below)


  1. Angry Archies- Lobster Rolls, Crab Cake Sandwiches, Crab Fries

  2. Simply Done- Vegan Hot Dogs, Falafel, Jackfruit Pitas, Veg Bowls

  3. La Coqueta- Tacos, Quesadillas, Chamoy Drip (pictured below)

-Retail VendorS-

  1. Flor Y Cafe- Fresh Flowers (singles and bouquets)

  2. Polished Concrete- Handmade Jewelry (Proceeds toward Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness)

  3. The Hemp Social- CBD Edibles

  4. Deep Space Gallery- Interactive Art Installation, Prints

  5. Jupiter Knights Hemp- CBD flowers

  6. Ten Dollar Books- Affordable book vendor

  7. St. Anne Catholic Church- 50/50 Raffles tickets for Saint Ann Italian Feast in July (the 22nd-26th)

  8. Hudson Houndstooth- Sustainable Pet Accessories and toys handmade from 100% reclaimed materials

  9. Naz Jewelry- Protective Jewelry

  10. Woof Bowl- Doogie Food Truck!

More to come!

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